Let me first quickly explain the difference between the product licenses, before talking about specific ones.

PLR: Private Label Rights
This license allows you to rebrand the products & sell them as your own.

MRR – Master Resell Rights
You are allowed to sell the product and your customers get the resell rights.

RR – Resell Rights
This license allows you to your customers, as is.
Your customers have rights only to consume the content, and cannot resell it.

A product that is available to anyone with MRR or RR licenses, is available to further customers in the exact same form. If someone has sold 100 copies of a product under MRR or RR license, you can get that product with the exact same name & branding from all those 100 people. The only difference between would be price, each MRR owner is willing to sell it for.

Does this make you wonder, what can someone would do with a product with RR or MRR license? Well, I never understood. And then I discovered what people are doing with these products with no flexibility, in terms of customization.

If you have taken membership to any PLR sites like PLRDatabas, IDPLR, etc then I am sure, you have loads of products with RR & MRR license.

You wish you could do something with them but you already know, they are useless.
Well, not actually.

Let me share 5 ways to help you make money with these MRR and RR products.


1. Affiliate bonuses

If you are in the Make Money Online niche you’d have seen affiliates giving truckloads of bonuses with any product you buy.
There is a high probability that these bonuses are resell rights products taken from some PLR membership site.

Buying a $7 product and getting $3700 worth of products as a bonus, is a feat possible only in the internet marketing niche! The idea is to drown the potential customer in the sea of bonuses. One is sucked into buying some non-sense product due to equally non-sense bonuses. I don’t mean, all bonuses suck; it’s just a lot of do!

And, you can easily do better than those.
Bundle a bunch of relevant, useful, and high-quality products together and offer a bonus. Just be diligent in choosing bonuses.

Bonuses do help in sales, and the quality of the bonus may increase the chances for you.


2. Idea generation and research

Go through the MRR & RR products in your niche for new ideas. They can be your good starting point.
After all, these are content too.
If these products are any good, the research is pre-done for you and you just need to learn.
Use these products to create your own products.
It definitely saves you a lot of time.
Remember, these products do not come with PLR and don’t allow you to rewrite; you need to write from scratch.


3. Product bonuses

Product bonuses are different from affiliate bonuses. You can add a couple of bonuses with your own info products.
Of course, these bonuses are resell rights products.
Just ensure your bonuses complement your own info product.
e.g. if you are selling an info product on exercise for weight loss, you can always add bundles related to food.
It’s extremely easy to find these types of products in most PLR memberships.


 4. Membership sites

Pick a niche, create a membership site around it.
Add resell rights eBooks, Software, or Courses around that niche. Mixing your own content with the RR product gives a new flavor to the package.
Once it is up and running, create another (website); rinse & repeat.

Running a membership site? You can add a resell rights eBook or software every now and then to your deliverables.
Mixing up unique content with resell rights products will help alleviate the stress of content production. As long as the RR product is good, you’ll not get complaints.


5. Sales

People do make money by selling resell and master resell rights products. You can bundle multiple RR products on a topic & sell them as a package.
This can be done in 2 ways.

You could bundle up several RR products in one niche and sell them as a package.
If you want, you can sell each RR product individually.
Get traffic to hit your sales page, someone would buy it.

Be imaginative and take action, and you’d definitely be able to put RR & MRR products to good use.

Which one of these, you think, would work the most for you?
Share your thoughts & experience with RR & MRR products.

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