Let me first begin with the expansion or the full form of PLR. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Some call it Done For You content and some, White Label Content.

Essentially, it’s a usage license. If you have procured an item, which has a PLR license, it means you own the product and you can do whatever you want with the content.

This is just a high level view of PLR content, and going deeper, the concepts become complex. Every PLR vendor gives his or her own twist to the PLR license and there are other licenses too.

e.g. You can edit, and give away but not for free. You can charge money, but cannot charge less than $7. You cannot give away just like that, but can give away as a bonus with a product no less than $47.

Always read the license agreement. And, if still in doubt, ask the vendor.
Like any other aspect of life, common sense applies here too – don’t assume anything (license term).

In addition to PLR licenses, there are other related licenses which people confuse often. 


Private Label Rights

This license extends a lot of flexibility. You are allowed to customize or rebrand it, the way you want.

You get editable source files which you can edit easily. Being editable, you can make it truly your own.

You can mix multiple content, from multiple vendors to create your own content. Publish this content as your own.

Remember, Amazon does not allow PLR content to be used as source on it’s KDP platform. For, more details, do look at the terms at Amazon.com.

Major products on DamnGoodPLR.com come with PLR license. You can edit the content, and post them on your website.


Resell Rights

This means, these items can be re-sold to anybody.

Such content are not allowed to be edited. These products don’t come with any source file.

Your flexibility is reduced and now you are competing with not just the original vendor but with everybody who has bought the original product, just like you.

But, if the content is good, you can definitely use such products as giveaway or bonuses with other products.


Master resell rights

Master resell rights products (MRR) are very similar to resell rights products.

The difference is that you are able to pass Resell Rights to your customers. Now, your customers also own the Resell Rights to the products.


Giveaway rights

Not all product vendors allow you to give away their products for free. This is a special license which allows the license holder to be able to giaveaway product, for free.

This license usually comes in addition to the existing license (PLR, RR, MRR).


Limited content

Limited content is not a type of license, it just indicates the number of copies of the product are limited. e.g. 50 or 100 copies.

It all depends on the PLR vendor’s preferences. Such content is preferred by many because there is less competition as fewer people own the content.

PLR Reseller Rights

PLR reseller rights are not as common as other rights. This license allows you to pass on PLR license to your customers.
Your customers can now sell the product with PLR license.
If you yourself want to create a PLR store like this, buying PLR reseller products is the fastest way.


Personal Usage Rights

This the simplest license.
This type of content is meant for your own consumption only.


Commercial Usage Rights

As the name suggest, you are allowed to sell such products.
e.g. Resell Rights product are meant to be commercially utilized by selling them.


Consider these definitions as guidelines and read the actual license agreement.

What kinds of product licenses do appeal to you the most? 

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