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Welcome to DamnGoodPLR, your source of various kinds of PLRs.

PLRs are a great shortcut to a great content. It’s just you need to get the right source.

We not only provide you great PLRs but also guide you through the process & other PLR sources.

To get you started, we have 3 sets of PLRs for you.  Just tell us, where to send you the PLRs and you have them. 

What is PLR ?

PLR, Private Label Right is a type of license which allows you to reuse the content the way you want. It is often called White Label content.

It’s not written specifically for you but available to all. That’s where it differs from custom products. PLR products are not custom written making them way cheaper.
But, the onus of customization is on YOU.
PLR contents sometimes come with conditions like you can sell it but cannot sell the PLR. This means, you can edit it and use at your own but you cannot sell it with the same rights. The buyer from you may be able to use it in the form you sell it, no editing allowed.

What can I do with PLR?
A lot.

You get freedom with PLR (Private License Rights).
Rewrite a PLR article and publish it as your own blog post. Break it in parts & publish as social media post or an autoresponder course.
You can take the PLR pack (with multiple articles) and combine all the articles as a big beautiful report.
If you want, you can convert PLR text content to video or audio content.
You can combine PLRs from multiple sources (on the same topic) and create a course and teach your audience.
You make money directly (e.g. membership site, selling course) or just use the PLR items as content of your website & sell affiliate products, it’s upto you.
Whatever you do with it, do not forget to customize it because there are lot of guys there with exact same content!


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