Welcome to Damn Good PLR, your source of great Private Label Rights products.
And you came searching for Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy! Sorry buddy, we can’t provide you therapy but probably some material on that subject is available.

You must be wondering, who is the person behind this website.
Even if you are not wondering, let me tell you (because that’s the reason About  page exists).

I am Vikas. I live in capital city of India, Delhi.
When I am not online & learning tricks of trade and actually selling, I am sitting at home doing nothing!
Nothing may include buying groceries, watching TV, reading some books, and probably more 😉

Let me come back to why this site exists.
Any website needs content and generating content does not come easy to everybody.
You want to publish a blog on Self Help, Dirt Biking, or Parenting but can’t generate contents frequently.
The only option you have is to reach out to freelancers (directly or through such websites) to write content for you.
A bespoke product  definitely costs a lot.  Higher the quality, higher the cost.
What is the way out ?
Answer is PLR content or White label content .

Another question, what is PLR or White label content?
PLR stands for Private Label Rights.
Such content is available for anybody to download (free or at a cost), and use it as own.
It is white labeled, to allow you to do whatever you want to do with it. You put your own name & produce it to people.

Is it legal?
It is legal because the content owner is allowing you to use it the way you want.

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PS: What is Meerkat doing here?
Isn’t Meerkat interesting? Well, even if you don’t find it interesting (the way they look around), I do. So, you’ll have to live with Meerkat on the about page. Enjoy 🙂