Launch Your Product Like a Pro

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Create your own program on Launch Your Product Like a Pro
Product launch is both science and art. Use this course to learn it.
As white-labeled content, you can download, and brand it to sell as your own.

Like most of the packages from Content Sparks, this too comes in 3 variants:

Flash ($47): Content for lead generation.

Beacon ($147): Content can be used to offer eBook or text-only course

Blaze ($297): This has all the content which can be used to create an online course or live workshop, using the nicely-created slides, teaching material, and more.

Course Content:

Introduction – Why Every Product Needs a Launch Process

Module 1 – Steps for Success in the Product Pre-Launch Phase

Module 2 – The Product Launch Phase

Module 3 – Post Launch Priorities

Module 4 – Basic Product Launch Project Management 101

Module 4 – Basic Product Launch Project Management 101

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Launch Your Own Course on Launching a product

Quickly put together your own program on how to Launch Your Product Like a Pro ... even if you've never run a course or coaching program before. And even if you have no spare time!

With Launch Your Product Like a Pro, you’ll get everything you need to LEARN, TEACH, and ATTRACT STUDENTS to your own step-by-step course that will help your students successfully build excitement and maximize sales of their product or service.

Here's how...

When your customers have a new product or service ready to launch, you can be sure they've invested a lot of time and money in it.

They're anxious that their hard work won't pay off, and they're not sure how to guarantee their product will be a success.

They may even be having nightmares that no one will buy it at all!

But with a clear, step-by-step launch process, they don't have to stress about what to do.

They just have to follow a checklist and make a few decisions, plan out everything, ...and then do it!

What needs to go on their launch checklist? What's the process to follow?

With our course on how to Launch Your Product Like a Pro, you'll walk through all the detailed tasks they need to complete for a successful launch.

Your students will be able to sleep soundly, knowing they're on the right track for a profitable launch. And their business will take off to new heights when they have a proven formula for the future.

The best part is that when you purchase a license to Launch Your Product Like a Pro, you'll get the rights to edit the content any way you want, put your name and brand on, and repurpose it into whatever format you want.

Then, use your new course content to:

  • Attract a flood of leads for your other products and services
  • Build your reputation as an expert with webinars, workshops, videos, and more
  • Provide resources for your clients to help them get results (and win their lasting devotion)
  • Sell the course for 100% profit... and a nice new income stream for you

You'll be helping your audience launch their product and achieve record sales,

...and they'll be thanking you for their massive business growth!

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